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"Be realistic!" This was what his parents would often tell him as he was growing up because he was so ambitious.

In his teenage years, he was severely bullied at school, and judged by his school teachers for bad grades, he failed most of his school education before getting a BA HONS degree but then went on to struggle and fail in making numerous business ideas succeed.

For years he could barely afford to pay rent as he lived in a bedsit apartment in Brighton, UK.

The many years of struggle and little to no success caused Dan to feel depressed and angry that the world seemed so unfair so he invested every penny he could get hold of to find the answer as to why he kept failing.

This led Warburton on to complete over two hundred courses. Many of these were extremely challenging programs with some that lasted as long as two years which included team management, leadership, communication, ontology, marketing, branding, sales, investing, entrepreneurship, tai chi and even a 51-day yoga and meditation intensive in the Indian Himalayas with yogi Grand Master Akshar.

receiving certificate from Grand Master Akshar

Combining his commitment and the knowledge he gained mainly from the management and leadership programs he completed, Dan's businesses began to succeed and he now lives an enviable lifestyle.

He is now happily married to his partner Sofia and with their two daughters they live in a beautiful villa by the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.

receiving certificate from Grand Master Akshar

As a result of Dan's extraordinary commitment to helping others succeed, he has now coached over 1000 ambitious individuals and has web spaces full of testimonials from his clients saying that because of his coaching, they achieved extraordinary results.

From having carried out so many years of extensive research while practising leading coaching conversations, he published groundbreaking knowledge about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur in his book, Dream it Choose it Live it.

The book became an Amazon bestseller and placed it amongst the publications of giants such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson.

receiving certificate from Grand Master Akshar

Dan with Robin Sharma

The book is now also recommended by the great Robin Sharma, the world-renowned leadership coach and author of the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

In 2017 Dan noticed that the clients of his that gained the greatest financial and lifestyle results were law firm partners and owners so enabling them to free up their time, unleash their teams' potential and greatly increase their take-home profit has since become Dan's focus.


Dan with Robin Sharma

Dan is now regularly invited to be interviewed on podcasts, featured in media publications and speak in front of legal sector-focused audiences around the world about how implementing what he calls profitable delegation has enabled so many of his clients to succeed.

Dan with Robin Sharma

"I completed one of Dan’s programs and now I have paying clients that I love working with.

I am working in a way that makes my heart sing and that makes me feel joyful every day of my life."

~ Liz Davies (Brighton, UK) ~

"As a result of Dan's coaching I've managed to restructure my usual work commitments so now I work less hours and am able to focus on what I really want to do.

I’ve now also completed my business plan and am ready to pitch to investors to gain the capital I need to open my first restaurant and make my dream come to life.

I only have these amazing results because of receiving Dans coaching."

~ Lolita P George (London, UK) ~

“Before receiving Dans transformational coaching I was in a situation where I was fearing public speaking in front of a large audience. Dan, through his skilful coaching enabled me to see where the fear was coming from; a past event where I’d invented a way of viewing my self and the world that no longer served me.

As a result I broke free of this past way of thinking and was able to take completely new actions. After only one session with Dan, I went on to say ‘yes' to new opportunities and as a result I closed new business opportunities to greatly advance my business missions. I can’t recommend what Dan does highly enough, it’s profoundly transformational.”

~ Cindy Nguyen (Singapore) ~

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