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The 5 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

The 5 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

Apr 04, 2020

If you are a professional or an entrepreneur who aspires to become successful it’s time to get honest with yourself otherwise you too will likely fail.

From now having coached over 1000 ambitious individuals I’ve come to see that these are the fundamental 5 mistakes most professionals and entrepreneurs make.

Even if you make one of these mistakes, you will not succeed anywhere near to the level that you could and you will probably one day face regret for not having achieved all you could have.

Read about these 5 mistakes to ensure that you don’t also end up with such a regretful future.

1. You do what is easy, not what is needed:

The highest paying activities are creating business partnerships as well as implementing effective branding, marketing and selling strategies yet most won’t say no to wasting time and doing something else because it seems like an easy way out. Instead of focusing on developing and implementing these skills that you know will make all the difference you often waste time on social media, watching TV or doing anything else but take those important actions you know you need to take. 

The solution is to spend time to plan exactly what the most effective actions are you need to take each day then to schedule them in and do whatever it takes to complete each action. If need be first, unsubscribe from every mailing list that wastes your time, turn off all your notifications and ask for support from those around you to take distractions away from you and to hold you to account.

You'll only succeed if you are obsessively focused on your objective and take consistent action.

2️. You settle for second best.

You are likely to be either a dreamer which is someone who has big ideas but won't do anything about them yet expects results while continuing to do what you've always done, or you'll be someone who starts things but never actually sticks to anything long enough to make it successful. Which are you? 

The solution is to choose one thing, one business or one pursuit with 100% commitment then do whatever it takes to stick to it until you are consistently generating truly satisfying and substantial results. Only then can you look at starting a second business, never before.

3️. You are seduced by another get rich quick scheme:

Nothing and I mean nothing feels like it’s worth celebrating or enjoying if it's created overnight. Some may hit the big time quickly but these are lottery statistics that rarely last.

Instead, ensure your success by saying no to anything that isn't what you truly want to succeed.

Also remember, it's never about the money, it's always about the lifestyle that the work you love makes possible so stick to creating a lifestyle you absolutely love and never, ever settle for chasing money because the minute you do, you won't be able to practice your truly fulfilling pursuits and you'll just waste your life away in an exhaustive chase.

4️. You blow your money on feeling good, not on learning:

When things don't go to plan it's easy to buy another pint of beer, another pair of shoes, upgrade the car or go on another golf holiday. I'm not saying these things are bad but if you are not succeeding as well as you know you could be right now then there is something missing such as a daily action or a skill that if you'd have learned it you’d be experiencing totally different results now.

Instead of spending your money on the next gadget, you don't really need, use the money to invest in learning what is missing which is usually something to do with branding, marketing or selling then continue to invest your time and money to properly learn these skills.

Once you do, you'll own these high profit-generating skills, no one will be able to take them away from you and you can then implement them to become highly profitable and fund the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

5️. You procrastinate:

This is the biggest one of all.

Instead of writing to one hundred possible new clients, you'll browse YouTube.

Instead of picking up the phone to arrange a life-changing meeting, you'll eat another slice of cake.

Instead of studying and elevating your skills you'll text a friend and see what they are up to. The list goes on and on.

The answer is to let yourself visualise how much regret you'll feel one day when you realise that you didn't fulfil your potential and you ended up being another failed entrepreneur statistic. Equally, let yourself visualise and get inspired about what could become possible if you did take consistent action each day.

Put both visualising how badly you could fail if you didn’t take consistent action with what could become possible for you if you did and you’ll awaken great motivation in you.

This motivation will then become the fuel to make you unstoppable in the face of anything and finally, you'll beat procrastination.

If none of this works, find a reputable coach to work with.

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