30-Day Entrepreneur Lifestyle Transformation Challenge


30-Day Entrepreneur Lifestyle Transformation Challenge

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Breakthrough and access a completely new and inspirational future

Part 1: Deeper transformational work and breakthrough (Breaking free of past-based disempowering interpretations)

Part 2: The Powerful Action Tracker & Implementation (Learning transformational planning)

Part 3: Empowering distinctions (12 distinctions which enable extraordinary focus)

Part 4: Set up for continued success after completing the course (Ensuring tangible lifelong results)

Suitable for:

  • People who are stuck in a job they don’t enjoy and want to leave to start their own business.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting or who are struggling.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their business or achieve a whole new level of success.

Problems and challenges this course solves:

  • Regaining balance from being burned out, tired or stressed.

  • Creating a lifestyle of work and life balance.

  • Breaking free of boredom and a lack of fulfillment.

  • Breaking free of an employment position to take up another or set up a new business.

  • Breaking free of procrastination and taking effective actions.

  • Getting clear about what you want in your life then taking effective actions towards creating it.

  • Breaking through a sense of struggle and into a tangible realm of success.


Background and research:

I’ve designed this course based on over 15 years of intense self-development, life experience as an entrepreneur and from having coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business owners, most of which who stated they experienced extraordinary results.


What does this course make possible:

This course is based on true transformation so will enable you to ‘unlearn’ interpretations that you may be subconsciously carrying about yourself, break free of them, then enter into a completely new realm of possibility and success.
The course initiates by guiding you to become clear on what your dream lifestyle would look like, then clearly list what would need to exist for you to feel as though you were living it. Then you are guided to break it down into very small action steps in a powerful yet very simple system called The Powerful Action Tracker. This will set you up to confidently succeed.
Included in the first 7 days of the course is also a transformational process to enable you to unlearn thought patterns you've created from past emotional events that no longer serve you.
I’ve also included 12 life-changing distinctions and when each is applied in conjunction with each other you'll find that your lifestyle creation abilities and lifestyle satisfaction will be elevated to an even greater and whole new level.


Course Content:

Day 1: Dreaming the dream

Day 2: Holding myself back

Day 3: The likely future

Day 4: That familiar feeling

Day 5: Default Survival State

Day 6: Break Through

Day 7: Myself as a powerful commitment

Day 8: 100% commitment

Day 9: My Powerful Action Tracker

Day 10: My Third Year Mile Stones

Day 11: My Second Mile Stones

Day 12: My First Mile Stones

Day 13: Take Aim

Day 14: Only Powerful Actions

Day 15: Being My Commitment

Day 16: Powerful Action Tracker Check

Day 17: My Daily ‘why’.

Day 18: Surviving Versus Creating

Day 19: The End of Useless Action

Day 20: Weekly Action & Re-plan

Day 21: Serve Versus Please

Day 22: The Clearer Future

Day 23: Run From Versus Run To

Day 24: Fear of Change (Fear of Success or Failure)

Day 25: Latency

Day 26: I Lack it Versus It’s Coming

Day 27: Weekly Reflection and Re-plan

Day 28: Leader Versus Victim

Day 29: Committed Colleague

Day 30: Congratulations

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