7-Point Transformational Mandala Exercise


7-Point Transformational Mandala Exercise

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Free yourself from subconscious dis-empowering interpretations and set your self-free of your past in just one hour.

Exercise Description:

Most misunderstand what transformation actually is or how it works.

Fundamentally, most human beings spend their lives surviving how they have interpreted the world from past events. From events such as being bullied at school, our parents shouting at us, a sibling getting more attention, our first day at school, failing a test, breaking up from a loving relationship or being fired from a job. At the time, many of us interpret such events in ways such as I’m not good enough, nobody wants me, I don’t fit in or I’m different.
Problem is this becomes completely subconscious and we forget that this is how we began viewing ourselves and the world around us. Once we become aware of such interpretations and carry out some deeper work to awaken to the impacts of how such views cause us to live a less than satisfactory lifestyle, we can then transform these thought-based inventions. Transformation is caused by bringing a new level of awareness to such interpretations, with transformation we literally wake up to them so they no longer dominate us.
If we manage to effectively transform and free our selves of such thought based limitations, we will experience deep relief and freedom as we let go of the interpretations (or beliefs) linked to the associated past based event that before subconsciously haunted us.
This is what transformation is and this is what the 7 Point Transformational Mandala enables us to experience.


Suitable for:

·         Anyone committed to elevating the quality of their lifestyle.

·         Entrepreneurs.

·         Business owners.


Problems this exercise can solve:

·         Feeling dissatisfaction.

·         Low energy and no motivation.

·         Feeling stuck.

·         Feeling a lack of progression.

·         Feeling overwhelmed.


Exercise Includes:

·         1 x 30 minute video with ‘stop and start’ guidelines.

·         1 x continual written exercise requiring up to one hour.

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