Powerful State Mastery


Powerful State Mastery

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Master a new and powerful state of being, breakthrough procrastination, become unstoppable at taking important actions and truly succeed.


Course Description:

On the internet, there are now numerous business courses, coaching courses, skill development courses and courses teaching techniques in how to succeed at anything; yet, there is usually the fundamental part missing: how to break through procrastination and ensure that such knowledge is actually implemented with effective action.

All success is achieved by applying approximately 80% mindset and 20% knowledge yet most keep seeking more knowledge thinking that when they find the right knowledge, that they'll finally have the missing key to success. 
Above all, it's taking 'focused action' that is the key and being able to do so in the face of any circumstance is what enables us to truly succeed.
The access to taking such action is in how we are ‘being’. As human ‘beings’, we each have the choice to be, to respond in any way we choose regardless of the circumstances before us, and it’s how we choose to respond that determines how well we succeed in our commitments.

We can either behave reactively, which is usually a continual habit of surviving the way the world or a situation occurs.
Alternatively, instead of surviving (living reactively), we can ‘choose’ how we are being in the face of any situation or circumstance. Mastering this is mastering being ‘powerful’. It is expressed by taking important and focused actions (which we may have usually avoided). Instead of staying stuck at the same level of performance, we can then create truly fulfilling results.

This 7-day online course is designed to achieve what I describe here and will enable you to deepen your ability to create yourself in a ‘powerful state’ and awaken your greatest fulfilling lifestyle creation abilities.


Suitable for you if you are:

  • Stuck in a day job you don’t like and want to start something new.

  • An employee wanting to start up a business.

  • A start up entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed.

  • An entrepreneur or business owner wanting to take their business and lifestyle to the next level.


Problems this course solves:

  • Feeling depressed, bored or uninspired.

  • A lack of energy and motivation.

  • Stuck in a situation where every day feels the same.

  • Tired of always producing the same results.

  • Wanting ‘more satisfaction’ from work.

  • Feeling a lack of progression.

  • Feeling overwhelmed.


Course Includes:

  • 7 x 30 minute written exercises.

  • 8 videos.

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