1) The very first stage is for you to experience a powerful coaching conversation and transformation. When you have experienced this, the opportunities you'll be able to see before you will astound you. 
If you gain value from your initial free coaching session, then I may consider working with you.

To apply email me with answers to the following questions:

Q1. If you where 'living the dream', living in a way that was even greater than you currently are now, what are the top three things that would need to exists in your life for this to feel as so for you?
Q2. Would you say you are close to your family and if not why not?
Q3. Reflecting on what 'living the dream' is for you, on a level of 1 to 10 in commitment to achieving this (10 being absolutely committed) what number would you rate your commitment and why?

First steps in transformational coaching

2) If you qualify, I will contact you to schedule the complimentary transformational coaching session, either in person or over Skype which will last up to two hours.

second step in transformational coaching

3) We will then hold the initial complimentary transformational coaching session. My commitment is that you get to walk away from this session with profound, life changing and transformational insights.
This is my focus as I love seeing people being enabled to access new and empowered states of being as well as access a new and inspiring future.
These complimentary session are not a sales pitch, yet they are how I promote my self and most of my clients have been created via the word of mouth these sessions generate.

4) If I see you have what it takes, that you are willing to truly 'show up' for that new and inspiring future and take on 'living the dream' I will then offer you a coaching course best suited for your dream goals and current budget. If I sense you are not ready to move forward, you will at least be left with a clear new path and direction to take and I may well suggest other coaches more suited to your aspirations.

5) If you choose to proceed, payment is required up front and in full. Once payment is cleared we will then schedule in your initial in depth planning and transformational coaching session.
From there onwards, session by session, I'll enable you to 'live the dream'.

fifth step in transformational coaching


I only work with people who are successfully accepted to receive an initial one on one complimentary (free of charge) transformational coaching session with me. To apply write to me using the contact form below and answer these questions with a few sentences per reply.


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