1) The first stage is for you to attend a complimentary transformational coaching conversation with me and experience how self-transformation enables you to access a completely new future. When you have experienced this, the opportunities you'll be able to see before you will astound you. Only when I have seen that you have experienced this may I consider working with you.

To apply, email me using the application form below by answering each section.


2) If you qualify, I will contact you to schedule the complimentary transformational coaching session, either in person or over Skype, which will last up to two hours.

3) If I see you have what it takes, that you are willing to truly commit to that new and inspiring future and take on 'living the dream', I will then offer you a coaching course best suited for your ambitions and budget. If I sense you are not ready to move forward, I will give you some resources that I feel will greatly benefit you or refer you on to a more suited coach. 


4) If you prove yourself to be suitable and you choose to proceed, we will then schedule in your initial in-depth planning and transformational session.


5) From there onwards, session by session, I'll enable you to tangibly 'live the dream'.


I only work with people who are successfully accepted to receive an initial one on one complimentary (free of charge) transformational coaching session with me. 

To apply, write to me using the contact form below. Answer these questions with a few sentences per reply.


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  1. All coaching offers are subject to availability and new clients are only accepted after an interview process.

  2. All coaching agreements are based on a foundation of trust.

  3. All formal coaching course offers expire on the following 1st day of the coming month.

  4. Upon receiving an invoice for proposed coaching, if you wish to proceed, full or partial payment is required upfront before transformational coaching can commence.

  5. Refunds are not available. Once you commit to fulfilling on what is important to you, turning back is not an option. This will ensure you break through the occurrences of the world that before had held you back and simultaneously ensure that you will create completely new and inspirational results.

  6. Once payment is received this is taken as communication of choosing to honour any agreed ongoing payment plans and to complete the course in full. Not honouring any agreed intermittent payment dates for a course underway will disrupt the effectiveness of the course and will greatly impact the results achieved.

  7. All courses when carried out as designed and for the full duration guarantee extraordinary results.