From having successfully coached many others over years of practice, I have come to see that we each create a ‘reflection’ of ‘what we think we are and are not’. Therefore it’s obvious that if we are to transform the world around us, that we must first transform the world within us.

If you are a committed entrepreneur or business owner who is currently burned out, exhausted, frustrated, lost, resigned or simply bored, I know how you feel. I spent years in such states of mind before achieving the deeply fulfilling lifestyle I so very much enjoy now.
What made this lifestyle possible for me was getting to understand and apply the process of 'transformation' to the way I viewed my self and the world. As I've come to see from my lives work; all success lies on the other side of transformation, yet few are aware of this ancient secret.

If you are inspired to truly succeed or impact the world in a great way, then look no further; as a pioneer of transformational coaching, whatever your level of success is right now, I have the ability to empower you to succeed in ways far beyond what you think you are capable of. Most people who attend one single transformational coaching session with me report that their life alters direction, from that moment onwards, in an extremely fulfilling way.

I do not offer 'psychotherapy' or 'counseling' or 'neurolinguistic therapies' as most other coaches do as these are mere 'techniques' that are applied.
Rather, through applying transformation to my self, I have 'realized the empowered being that I am' which now enables me to skilfully guide others 'to realize themselves as the powerful being that they are'. I do not offer 'improvement' or 'change' or 'coping strategies' but rather, I have mastered the ability to enable 'transformation' which enables the people I coach to break through their seemingly never-ending challenges, achieve profoundly rewarding results and access a whole new future.
Most who receive my 'transformational' coaching go on to take actions that are so powerful that they soon end up creating results that they never, ever imagined where possible.

It took me over 10 years in self-development to firstly even be able to effectively distinguish what 'transformation' actually is and then another 5 years to master an ability to articulate transformation in a way that makes this incredible process be so easily implemented by others. Very few other coaches you will ever meet have carried out the depth of work on themselves as I have on myself to be able to provide 'transformational' coaching to such depths as I can.

The training I endured throughout my life to be able to provide such transformational coaching has been tough, to say the least. At primary and secondary school I was viciously bullied. At college, I didn't feel like I fitted in at all. In my teenage years, I began taking drugs to lighten my days but by the time, I was 21 years of age, the subconscious, dis-empowering views I had about myself completely took over. I was left so mentally unstable that I couldn't even function in society.
Into my mid-twenties, I was still completely unaware that I was being dominated by subconscious, dis-empowering interpretations that I'd invented about myself. They caused me to continually 'play small' and procrastinate so I continuously failed to succeed in numerous businesses, I also failed in maintaining meaningful relationships, was financially broke and was left feeling completely powerless.

All my life, all I’d wanted to do was live a dream lifestyle of wealth and freedom as well as being able to make my father proud. I began spending long lengths of time meditating to find inner peace and the answers to life I so deeply craved.
I found a love for reading books and studied how top entrepreneurs and leaders had conquered adversity. At the same time, while practicing under a great martial arts teacher, I even became a Tai Chi master.
I also spent time with Buddhist monks and even studied ancient writings all in an attempt to find those secrets to success.

At the age of 26, I began asking deeper questions about my self and found my self working with an amazing life coach. I also attended course after course in self-development, personal transformation, and ontology (the study of 'being'). Many of these courses were led by the world’s very best teachers and as a result, after 9 years in to this quest of personal deep inner work, I broke through. I transformed myself, I transformed the subconscious, dis-empowering views I had of my self and the world.
I discovered a boundless courage to take effective actions and a profound enthusiasm to succeed in my entrepreneurial commitments. I became completely unstoppable and transformed so much that most of my family and many friends began to approach me for advice as to how they might also become as equally fulfilled in their own commitments.

I achieved this by transforming the subconscious interpretations I had about my myself and the world which I'd invented as a byproduct of the past events that challenged me during my childhood. Until I mastered self-transformation, these interpretations such as I'm just not good enough, nobody wants me, I'm not noticed and I'm abandoned were completely dominating me on a subconscious level.
I’ve now witnessed that similar subconscious interpretations where what all my coaching clients had to break through before they could truly succeed.
Once I distinguished these interpretations in my self and saw them for what they truly were, simply 'interpretations', I was then able to completely free myself of them. As a result, I became able to access completely new and empowered states of being that enabled me to take effective and consistent actions. As a result, I have now successfully launched and run businesses, become an investor as well as an international speaker and all while now predominantly running a thriving coaching practice. As a result I now get to travel all over the world to speak to large audiences about what transformation makes possible for the lifestyle of business owners and entrepreneurs.

I have now also completely transformed the relationship between my family and I. Now, I am not only very close to all my family members but am also very close to my father (before we’d argue constantly!) where I have now even coached him to successfully grow his own business internationally and then become the major share holder and chairman of his company that’s pioneering ticket reservation systems in the global passenger ferry boat market.

Unlike most other coaches who boast qualifications often gained in a few months or over a weekend course, I have earned my title of 'transformational coach' through true life experience, from over 20 years of intense self-development and from now having successfully coached over 1000 entrepreneurs and business owners. Many I’ve coached relate to me as the coach who has enabled them to completely elevate the quality of their lifestyles (see my word of mouth page).

My purpose now is to coach committed entrepreneurs and business owners to also create and live a profoundly fulfilling lifestyle while also enabling them to cause the global impact they dream of.

I will only coach a low number carefully selected individuals at a time so I can ensure each gets to tangibly create the results they have always dreamed of. Nothing fulfils me more than to see people succeed, it’s this that makes me be consistently unstoppable at serving others.

For one on one coaching, I do not charge for the initial transformational coaching session and there is absolutely no obligation to enter into a working relationship with me. However, I only offer this to those that demonstrate their commitment to succeed and who meet my basic criteria.

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