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If you are a committed entrepreneur or leader who is inspired to achieve astonishing results then look no further; what ever your level of success is right now, I have the ability to empower you to succeed in ways far beyond what you think you are capable of.
Most people who attend one single transformational coaching session with me report that their life alters direction from that moment onwards in an extremely fulfilling way.

Right now you have two choices; either stop reading and go back to your life as you know it. Or continue reading and take a new action, an action that will leave you standing before a completely new and inspiring future. The choice is yours.

I do not offer 'psychotherapy' or 'counselling' or 'neurolinguistic therapies' as most other renowned coaches do as these are merely 'techniques' that are applied.
Rather I have distinguished 'who I am as an empowered being' which in turn enables me to powerfully guide others via the coaching I deliver to uncover 'them selves' as the powerful being that they truly are. I do not offer 'improvement' or 'change' or 'teaching coping strategies' but rather I provide 'transformational' coaching.
This enables my clients to completely unlearn the way the world occurs and to simultaneously create a whole new occurrence of them selves and the world around them.
Those who receive this transformational coaching from me then find them selves instantly being able to take actions that are so powerful that they then go on to create results that they never, ever imagined where possible.

It took me over 15 years in self development to firstly even be able to effectively distinguish what 'self transformation' is and then to master the ability to articulate it in a way that can be accessed so easily by others. Very few other coaches you'll ever meet have carried out the depth of work on them selves as I have to be able provide such coaching or further still 'transformational' coaching as effectively as I can.

The training I endured though out my life to be able to provide such a successful coaching service has been tough to say the least. Unlike most coaches out there who boast their qualifications, I have truly earned the title of 'transformational coach'.

At school I was severely bullied and at college I didn't feel like I fitted in at all. In my teenage years I began taking drugs to lighten my days and by the time I was 21 years of age the disempowering points of view I subconsciously invented about my self completely took over and I was left so mentally unstable that I couldn't even function in society.
By the age of 27 things had improved yet I was in an unfulfilling relationship with my partner at the time, I still didn't have any kind of a career to speak of and was financially broke.

In to my late twenties I continued to experience the disempowering points of view that I subconsciously invented about myself. They caused me to 'self sabotage' again and again. I ended then started more unfulfilling relationships, I had a sense of not belonging any where, I was still failing in business, was financially broke, exhausted and still surviving desperate states of mind.

I began asking questions. All my life I’d wanted to learn how to create my dream lifestyle so I began meditating every day, practising yoga and Tai Chi. Later I found a love for reading books about how top entrepreneurs and leaders had conquered adversity. I also began practicing Buddhism and studied other ancient philosophies all in an attempt to find the secret to success.

At 30 years of age I began working with my first coach, I attended course after course in self development, personal transformation and ontology (the study of 'being'). Many of these courses where led by the world’s very best coaches and as a result; after over 15 years of self development and working on my self, I now live a completely transformed and profoundly fulfilling lifestyle.

I achieved this by transforming interpretations that I had made up about myself and the world around me, such as 'I'm just not good enough, nobody wants me'. These interpretations I had subconsciously collapsed with past events, but once I distinguished these events versus the interpretations I was then able to free myself of them and access unstoppable ways of being.

The results are that I have now successfully launched and run businesses, travelled all over the world and set a world record as a Dj, worked as a heavy weight interior designer for some leading UK supermarket brands, become a Thai Chi Master, become a silver bullion investor, become financially successful and created a completely stress free life where I get do what I choose, when I choose. 
I have also completely transformed the relationship between my family and I. Now I am not only very close to all my family but am especially close to my father where now I am coaching him to grow his business internationally, his company is now well on track to dominate the ticket reservation industry within the global passenger ferry market.
Further more I now have over 200 committed entrepreneurs who relate to me as the coach who has enabled them to completely elevate the quality of their life style and create un-imaginable results (see my word of mouth page for some testimonials).

I now love to coach ever more committed entrepreneurs and leaders to also create and tangibly live equally profoundly fulfilling lifestyles.

I now predominantly run a successful coaching practice where I will only work with up to 12 carefully selected clients at a time. I thrive off the results my clients are renowned for achieving.
Nothing fulfils me more.

I do not charge for the initial transformational coaching session and there is absolutely no obligation to enter into a working relationship with me. How ever not everyone is eligible for this and I only offer this to those that meet my basic criteria.
If you are ready for a new and inspiring future, complete the form below to apply.


I only work with people who are successfully accepted to receive an initial one on one complimentary (free of charge) transformational coaching session with me. To apply write to me using the contact form below and answer these questions with a few sentences per reply.


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