“Before I received coaching with Dan Warburton my challenge was that I was working too many hours and not having enough time nor the capacity to create the life that I wanted. 

A life where I work less and earn more. 

That was quiet literally my New Year’s resolution this January. I laughed about it with everyone. 

You simply can’t put a price on the insight I have gained!  Dan quickly made me realise my self worth and stopped me from undervaluing my self. 

As a result of Dan’s coaching I’ve earned nearly 50,000 dollars in less than a month by not only increasing my rates but also extending some of my current clients memberships to annual ones. 

In the short time that I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Dan, I gained the confidence to live the life that I have always dreamed of.

I’ll be forever grateful.”

~ Dan Kayser (Biomechanics Specialists & Founder of Dan Kayser Fitness Academy) ~

Contact Dan Kayser via FaceBook

One year after, hear Anna's experience of receiving Dan's coaching.
Few coaches can boast that their coaching was so effective that the client still feels such extraordinary results a year after receiving coaching.

~ CEO of Anna’s Gardens & Eco Futurist ~

Contact Anna Here

Eric Ho the renowned celebrity entrepreneur who has built up several multi million dollar businesses, has over 500,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, is an international speaker who’s spoken along side people such as Sir Richard Branson, Paul McKenna and John Lee as well as having been in meetings with the President of Ghana for his charitable works speaks about Dan Warburton and the impact he is having on the world as a transformational coach.


“The trainings I was going through, the resources, there where so many books that had literally wasted a lot of my time, energy and money. In totality it would have cost me a lot more than the one course with Dan actually speaking. I ended up facing the same thing again and why is that? So that was really depressing me.

I had insights from Dan, after the program I see a remarkable change within myself. On the whole this program is very practical, it is no nonsense. Today I have resigned my job, I’m very happy because I made confident choice and it is my choice, now I feel very, very empowered.

Each week was very transformational. Every week I had challenges and I had transformed and I was like. “Oh my God. This is . . . this is excellent.” I have no words.

I am actually so excited about what is going to come for me for my life from this step. It feels very, very liberating. Thank you for this program.”

~ Priya Anbazhagan ~


"I have just completed a 12 week transformational coaching course with Dan and it’s been truly transformational for me. 12 Weeks ago I was struggling and didn’t have a work and life balance.

Now, I’ve gained a whole series of insights which have left me enjoying great satisfaction in both my work performance and in my lifestyle. Before I was very critical of my self and others which made me very difficult to work with but now I’ve learned to be gentle on my self and with others.

Also I’ve now learned to effectively listen to others and the staff I manage. As a result my leadership skills are much greater and have been able to effectively inspire my teams in to taking actions that have elevated my companies performance in various departments around the world. I’ve also begun earning money by forex trading which is something I’d procrastinated from starting for over a year.

I’ve also begun developing my online website and writing my blog which is something I aimed to have started within two years yet I’ve realised that I’ve already fulfilled this within just these 12 weeks.

As a result, I highly recommend other business focused people work with Dan to experience what I have because my life has really transformed. I am now living a truly satisfying lifestyle while also enjoying greater financial and leadership success."

~ Nicky (Success Resources International Marketing Manager and CEO assistant) ~

Contact Nicky via LinkedIn


“Before receiving Dans transformational coaching I was in a situation where I was fearing public speaking in front of a large audience. Dan, through his skilful transformational coaching enabled me to see where the fear was coming from; a past event where I’d invented a way of viewing my self and the world that no longer served me.

As a result I broke free of this past way of thinking and was able to take completely new actions. After only one session with Dan, I went on to say ‘yes' to new opportunities and as a result I closed new business opportunities to greatly advance my business missions. I can’t recommend what Dan does highly enough, it’s profoundly transformational.”

~ Cindy Nguyen (CEO and Co-Founder of Regit) ~

Contact Cindy via Linkedin


“Hi everyone, my name is Sachin. I am the Superstar branding coach.

Before I worked with Dan I was broke, not just financially, my emotional bank balance was very negative and it’s because I was struggling with my business.

After working with Dan for a few months my income is up, my love life is up and my happiness is up way more and it’s because I’ve got lots confidence approaching conversations, approaching proposals, knowing that I can create the income that I want rather than settling for playing it safe. I’m not doing that anymore.

The way that I’m living life right now is so much more more in the realm of what I want to create rather than what I think is realistic. This has changed my whole life.

I will never go back to being a struggling coach because I don’t need to. This is only because of what I’ve done with Dan.

I would very highly recommend for you to get on the phone with him if you have an opportunity, he’s going to be a very busy man. Even one session with Dan will change your whole life for ever.”

~ Sachin Sharma (Spoon of Consciousness & Superstar Branding Coach) ~

Contact Sachin Via Facebook

"I am here to tell you that Dan Warburton is a transformational coach. Working with him for the past 6 months has propelled me to the next level. Before I had loads of skills, loads of talent, loads of ambition and enthusiasms but I was stuck. I was stuck at home as a single mom raising children on my own, and I didn't know what to do next. Then from Dan's expert transformational coaching, I then became the sound engineer for Ultimate Entrepreneur event which was just over a month ago. Now, I am the event manager for the next Ultimate Entrepreneur event, and I am now at the Cumberland Hotel as the sound engineer for Douglas Vermeeren. All I can say is WOW! To think that just 6 months ago, I was so stuck to where I am now! If you are feeling stuck in your business or don't know where to go next, Dan Warburton can certainly get you to the next level."

~ Zoe Hart (Sound Engineer for High Profile Speaker Events) ~

Contact Zoe on Facebook

“Dan is not only intuitive, skilled and very experienced, he honours and is respectful of his client's truth. He is a coach with great heart and with lots of integrity. It is such a privilege to have worked with him. I thank you Dan in holding a validating space for me. I am truly truly grateful.”

~ Phei Phei Oon (Drama Arts & Dance Therapist) ~

Contact Phei Phei via Facebook

“I met my coach, Dan Warburton, in London eight months ago, and he got me really interested in transformational coaching because at that time in my life, I really needed help to develop my business.

In our first coaching session he enabled me to discover my dream which was almost hidden from me, it's something that I’d been thinking about for years - to create a lifestyle clothing brand for people who care about the environment.

Within one and a half months of my first coaching session with Dan, I had found my clothing designer and my tailor. By November, I had made my first prototypes of very special yoga pants only using organic materials. By December, I had the whole collection made and now, by February, I have sold my first 16 pairs.

We have just recently finished our coaching sessions but I have decided to continue to work with Dan because I have already done so much in just six months.”

~ Vigyana (Director of Yoganica Yoga clothing) ~

Contact Vigyana on Facebook

“I just wanted to let you know that my coaching business has totally taken off!! I got another 6 session Miracle Coach sign up today! I now have 4 people in paid Miracle coaching courses! One 18 session, one 12 session, one 6 session and one 4 session. I'm loving it!! Thank you so much!! Xxx"

~ Liz Davies (Miracle Coach) ~

Contact Liz at LizDaviesMiracleCoach.com

“I am a momentum coach specializing in fat loss, energy and lifestyle. I’ve just gone through Dan’s 30 Day Entrepreneur Lifestyle Transformation challenge, and all I can say is WOW! It’s truly been an incredible experience. Before, I was struggling with overwhelm and stress and was working 12 hour days. I wasn’t moving anywhere fast and wasn't as fulfilled as I wanted to be. Through working with Dan, he’s enabled me to get that clarity and those breakthroughs that I needed to become completely certain with where I’m going in my life and now, I’m literally feeling fulfilled and incredible on a daily basis, consistently all the time . . . Moving forward, I’m just fully confident with what I’m doing . . . If you are looking to work with Dan in any way, to improve your mind set or take your business to the next level . . .  I would highly, highly recommend working with him . . .”

~ Joey Romero (Momentum Coach) ~

Contact Joey

"I have just finished a 30-day transformational program with Dan. It's absolutely fantastic. I can not, honestly, describe it in words . . . It's so inspiring, helpful. It's amazing. I've changed so much I can't even recognize myself. I've tried other things before in the past. It hasn't worked for me because I had so much self-doubt, and that was the key point of what I was doing. I didn't feel I was good enough. Not just for business but in my personal life, family, friends, everything. During the course, it's absolutely amazing! The thirty days is absolutely worth it. There were a lot of breakthroughs that I've gone through - job wise, personal matters, financial matters - all has totally changed.

Now the way forwards, I can absolutely say I'm unstoppable, I'm confident, I'm Phil Carew, I'm a motivational speaker and also a confident mindset coach. Thanks to Mr. Dan Warburton for helping me with his thirty day transformational program.

I would definitely refer you to all my friends and people that would need your help with your thirty day program.

WOOHOHOOOO . . . 2018, here I come !"

~ Phil Carew (Speaker & Confidence Mindset Coach) ~ 

Contact Phil on Facebook


“Having completed a three month coaching course with Dan I learned how to ask a better question to get a different answer. I really experienced how to apply this and coming up with solutions to problems was powerful. For example, what do I need to do to earn a certain amount of money with my trading business? Being aware of the right question, I’ve seen is the key to progress. The coaching has jump started my trading career and I'm now thinking more like a trader. This has given me a new direction and a new journey to enjoying life. As a result I have had success in elevating every single area of my life. Thank you for your time, it's been extremely valuable.”

~ Avinesh Devedas (Options & Investment Trader) ~

Contact Avinesh on Facebook


“When I first met Dan I was in a place where I wasn’t enjoying my work, I was exhausted from feeling that I couldn’t seem to progress and was facing a future that really didn’t inspire me at all. Having completed 6 months of coaching with Dan it has been very successful. It’s not always been easy, it’s been challenging and yet while also very rewarding, it’s been brilliant.

It’s changed how I look at things, I now look at things in a more positive way. Instead of seeing only the negatives, I’m now able to see the opportunity and all the good that can come of what I do. I have now also created a way earning money by doing what I really love doing and am left feeling very inspired about my future."

~ Kim Nicol (Business Law and Relationship Solutions) ~

Contact Kim on LinkedIn


“Because of Dan’s coaching we have overcome so many obstacles. I have lost count of the number of challenges he’s enabled us to get through. Every time we feel like we have hit a dead end or we are feeling low, Dan has always enabled us to re-start and keep going. I am really thankful for everything Dan has done for us. and to have him as our teams coach.”

~ Andrus Sabiin (BaltiCrypto Co-Founder & CFO) ~

Contact Andrus on LinkedIn

“Dan is an extraordinary guy! With his coaching I have been able to become a better version of myself! Every coaching session we have had with him, has also made our team stronger and bulletproof!

I am so thankful for everything he has done for us and for how he has taut us!”

~ Indrek Press (BaltiCrypto Co-Founder & COO) ~

Contact Indrek on LinkedIn

“Life can be very challenging at times. I have found this in both my personal and professional life. Ever since I met Dan, I have overcome all challenges I’ve been facing. He is just an extraordinary human being. 

The impact Dan has had on my personal and professional life is enormous.

He has been a huge part of the success of BaltiCrypto. Our team have overcome obstacles we couldn’t have overcome without him. To become a Master at any field in life you require a coach, and there’s no other transformational coach like Dan. He is the real deal. I’m sincerely grateful for all the skills, knowledge and insights he has enabled me and the team to gain.”

~ Al (Team Leader & Co-Founder)

Request contact details for Al

“Dan literally has superpowers to make people feel and understand every situation in a very unique and special way. With his coaching our team has reached a higher level of performance in every field, and together our performance is higher than it has ever been before. I am so thankful Dan’s time and effort he has given us. It is just priceless to have such a good coach and friend like Dan.”

~ Raido Lensment (BaltiCrypto Co-Founder & CEO) ~

Contact Raido on LinkedIn


“The coaching I received from Dan has profoundly changed my life. Before I received his transformational coaching I was subconsciously in fear of succeeding yet I had no idea that this fear was subconsciously dictating me to actually avoid success. I was internally conflicted when making crucial decisions about the direction of my business. I had a lot of self-doubt and I was uncertain of my own abilities which prevented me from making the right decisions or taking effective action.

The coaching I received from Dan was a deeply transformational experience for me. During one session, he enabled me to become aware of the root cause of my self-doubt, my self-imposed mental boundaries and of the subconscious fear I had of becoming successful. He then skilfully led me to answer my own questions about what was limiting me from achieving my potential and making the right decisions by enabling me to become aware of interpretations I’d made up about my self from past events. Once I’d achieved this, the limitations vanished as I saw they where simply not true

What has become possible for me now is that I am aware of when I am avoiding success so can instead take actions that are powerful and effective in achieving my business objectives. As a result I have now effectively expanded my business and closed a series of deals which has now set me on track for a level of success that prior to receiving his coaching, may never have become possible for me.

I would highly recommend Dan’s transformational coaching to other entrepreneurs; I’ve already held a private event which was led by Dan for some young entrepreneurs and top students from SMU to also experience his transformational coaching. Now I very much look forward to collaborating with Dan so that many more entrepreneurs and business owners can experience his extraordinary skill in elevating their business performance abilities.”

~ Alex Cudy (Founder and chief executive of Cudy Pte Ltd and business award winner) ~


Contact Alex on LinkedIn


“I wanted to start my own coaching practice for a long time but I felt stuck and I had no idea what I should be doing hence I kept procrastinating and never getting round to doing what I needed to do.

Dan help me uncover the things that have been holding me back. And I learnt how to move in to a new and unlimited me.

Now I have gone on to take new steps to achieving my new and fulfilling life of impacting more and more people. Thank you Dan. You are awesome.”

~ Reihana Abdullah (Intervention Coach) ~

Contact Reihana via Facebook

"I've just received a free session with Dan. I feel so, so clear, it's been incredible . . . I was feeling a little bit lost . . . I had emotional residue fom my past . . . Dan's talent for really staying with you throughout the process is absolute incredible . . . What's really amazing is his skill for staying with you in the process with you in the process and for keeping you specific. On top of that, he's really emotionally. You really feel the emotions. You really get into and you feel how dis-empowering it is to have these beliefs. You really go in to that pain. He's really skilled at drawing it out of you and then, you just like launch from there in this like super incredible powerful state and yeah, I'm just like so empowered right now. And then, he just gives me really clear actions to go forward that are really achievable . . . Oh my God! He's offering everyone a free session. Honestly, witness the power, take advantage, take advantage."

~ Moh Rahman (Interviewer) ~

Contact Moh on Facebook


“Thank you, Dan, so much for the transformational journey you take me through!! You rock my world, you inspire me and guide me!! I am so grateful to be coached by you.”

~ Corina Stratulat (Property Developer & Spacial Designer) ~

Contact Corina on Facebook


"Speaking with you has been refreshing. I love your energy and your enthusiasm. You create a very safe and even fun space for your clients, or at least you did so for me. I am feeling grateful. There are so many wannabe coaches out there but you are a superstar, Dan."

~ Linda Scotti (Leadership Coach at Google) ~

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Before I received coaching with Dan, I had given up on a career I'd have loved to have fulfilled. I had a lack of clarity on what I wanted or how I'd get there.

Receiving Dan's coaching was challenging while inspiring. The greatest breakthrough I had was a better understanding of my drivers and fears. 

As a result, I have complete clarity on who I am and where I want to be as well as complete confidence that I can complete this. I'm now left playing bigger than I have ever played before, and I love it.

~ Fiona Monson (Financial Mediator) ~

Contact Fiona at MonsonMediation.com


“Congratulations on your extraordinary work.” 

~ Steve Hardison (World Famous Coach) ~



“It's been a privilege watching you grow and fly, Dan!”

~ Rich Litvin (Renowned International Coach & Author of The Prosperous Coach) ~


“Thanks, Dan Warburton. It was an awesome session. You helped me to go back to an emotional event from the past where I made an interpretation from that moment that I was lost and unsafe. The unwanted impacts from this have been disharmonious relationships, not earning my potential and not creating the opportunities that I am capable of. I invented this, it is not true and I no longer need to be this way. I am now left feeling powerful, in the present, and awake. And what is possible for me is that I can now fulfill my purpose as "The Warrior of Peace",  helping others to self-mastery and giving them access to the realm of extraordinary freedom.”

~ Steve Roger Phillips (The of Warrior Of Peace) ~

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"Dan is great transformational coach, and he is already transforming my life in just one short coaching session. I am left really inspired by his skill and can see he is going to transform so many people as he has with me. The biggest result I got from Dan's coaching was learning how to become my empowered self and uncovering who I am truly am which is powerful, unstoppable, fearless and free.”

~ Thakur Sharma (Digital Currency Investor & Mentor) ~

Contact Thakur on Facebook


“I'm feeling so focused today!! Thanks to you for all your kind words and your guidance. I really feel safe with this process, and I am so looking forward to our next call tomorrow at 10am.”

~ Tara Patten (Director at Derailed) ~

Contact Tara on Facebook



"Having worked with Dan over 12 weeks, I would confirm it's expanded my own experience as a coach and became present to new ways of being that now serve me and my clients better. I would engage with Dan on other sessions and recommend him.”

~ Rod Milicevic (CEO at Glass After Care & Accountability Coach) ~

Contact Rod on LinkedIn


“So it’s official! I’m out of the corporate world at last and two days into being "Fully Expressed, Liberated and Powerful!” Thanks to Dan Waburton for a transformational session on Wednesday!

As a result, I dropped all of my corporate identity lingo in a major meeting today where I was invited in to present my expertise as a coach. The job is to coach top leaders in the energy industry in Norway who face personal challenges after executing major layoffs. I went miles out of my comfort zone, and it was AWESOME! I simply showed up as ME. Thanks so much, Dan.”

~ Rita Hauesken (Women leadership & strategy coach) ~

Contact Rita at Rita Hausken.Com


“Thank Dan, that one session has changed my life. I already feel it, and I feel the potential. Have a fab weekend."

~ Caroline Newton (Business coach and director at Number 78) ~

Contact Caroline on LinkedIn

"I've just completed a 12-week program of coaching with Dan Warburton. Dan's coaching is really focused, goal-oriented and really takes you from A to B. At the same time, he's very able to connect with you on a human basis, there's lots of humor involved, and he's just a really personable guy so I truly recommend him.

My breakthroughs from the program are that I am able to really hone in on my niche market and what I'm really delivering from my passion point and to create a really great structure that enables me to connect with new clients on a regular basis, as well as improving my finances.

So if you looking for anything like that, Dan is definitely the man, and I truly, full-heartedly recommend him."

~ Carmen Vesztergom (Energy Healer & Relationship Coach) ~

Contact Carmen on Facebook

"I am celebrating because I have just finalized a three-month course with Dan Warburton and his coaching. It's been transformational for me.

I was coming to a point where I was getting anxiety and feeling really concerned about where I wanted to go. Dan helped me realize that I had to push my business first of all and then, everything else would flow behind it.

I'm now going to be releasing my EP. I've managed to sign with a label. I'm running my cleaning company. I no longer have two girls which are the people I had when I started with Dan. I now have six girls on the go, and I no longer am cleaning. I have chronic back pain but that's getting much better as well. My health is really good. I'm feeling so joyful and powerful, and feeling like nothing is going to stop me, and that's all thanks to Dan so I thank Dan very much.” 

~ Amanda Wray (Director of Little Miss Do It All Cleaners & Singer and music producer AKA Amazee) ~

Contact Amanda at LittleMissDoItAll.com



"I was really concerned about my business and cash flow. It seemed like everything was just stuck and not happening.

I had a coaching call with Dan, and we uncovered some really deep unconscious ideas I had around being responsible and saw how this was very much holding me back. After I felt a sense of freedom, I created new meanings which enabled me to generate £10,000 in sales and I had my best month in business to date.

This guy will pull out all the stops to have you get the results you want - Be ready to ride an adventure.” 

~ Ben Nash (Director at Come Alive Media) ~

Contact Ben at Come Alive Media


My session with Dan was amazing. I do something very unique but its hard to get people to know about it. He got me to step into being excited about my situation regardless of what appeared to be happening.

I've never experienced anyone that exudes such enthusiasm.
Dan left me feeling so hopeful and inspired.

I'd recommend any one apply for one of Dan's initial free sessions.

~ Simon Anderson (Director of Activate Transform Perform) ~

Contact Simon at Activate Transform Perform

Tinu David Dan Warburton

"Dan, you are the inspiration. It was seeing who you are and how you are that got me to use your services. Your energy, expression, words, attitude, reflection, guide, encouragement and lots more that has got me to be where I am. 

The 6 months that I spent with you coaching me was the injection I needed to finally start being myself. 

I had gone all through my life in different circumstances but now, I am more confident, I am more powerful, I am more expressive and I feel valued. I am also comfortably being me like I have never been before, and I am more satisfied in the way I do my business than I've ever been before".

~ Tinu David (Beauty Coach) ~

Contact Tinu at TinuDavin.com

David Zotes Cambra Dan Warburton

“I am very happy with the things you've helped me with. The transformation. My attitude. I'm now completely in love with everything. I'm earning more money that I thought I would, it's incredible. In 12 weeks, my life has completely transformed.”

 ~ David Zotes Cambra (Director of Big Clean David) ~

Contact David at Big Clean David

Richard Russel Dan Warburton

"Having completed a 12 week course with you, I am now focused, goal-oriented and have a lot more purpose. I now don't shy away from problems or issues. I now have long term goals and strategies which leaves me feeling good. It feels exciting, and achieving these goals doesn't faze me. You've been fantastic. You've changed my life."

~ Richard Russel ~ (Utility Warehouse & Solid Web Strategies) ~

Contact Richard at Solid Web Strategies

"Hi, Dan. I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks once again for your help in starting the transformation of my life. Over the last few months, I have continued with my personal growth and development and this week, I have signed up to a course to train as a health and wellness transformation coach. Getting back to the things that I love - health, nutrition and now the mind! I just wanted to let you know that your help and coaching has had a lasting impact."

~ Nerissa Brownlea ~

Contact Nerissa on Facebook

Gemma Dan Warburton

“I was surviving life until I started being coached by Dan and now, I am a creator of my life. My whole life has changed!!! I have created a safe, nurturing space for myself and my son to live in. I have followed my heart and created time and stayed committed to working alongside a musician and we are working on an album plus, and there is more, I am working towards and remaining committed to creating a new business that is going to do everything I love to do. And I have also started running and have created beautiful drama-free relationships with all people in my life. I have literally gone from surviving to creating. YES!!! THANK YOU, Dan.”

~ Gemma (Vocalist & Online Marketing Agent) ~

Contact Gemma on Facebook

Elaine Copeland Dan Warburton

“Hi, Dan. I wanted to tell you that I’m feeling absolutely awesome. I’ve just spoken at the networking event in Maidstone. I’ve got one client from introducing myself before I even spoke. Then after, I was given loads of amazing feedback and it seems I have a second possible client. Surreal experience. It went really well. 

I have noticed that when I am working with clients, my insights are much deeper and I feel completely in tune and have a solid surety about my abilities as a practitioner. I am sure this is as a result of the work I have done with you. People are noticing me shining too. Thank you. ”

~ Elaine Copeland (Kinesiologist and Councillor) ~

Contact Elaine at ElaineCopeland.com


“Hi, Dan. The experience of being coached by you is that of someone listening to what I have to say with such depth and clarity that I feel completely safe saying anything to you.

You then take that and refuse to see me as anything but huge and capable of doing the most extraordinary things even though I cannot see it myself.

I know I can be stuck at times, yet you never give up on me and then somehow, when I leave you, I find that I am totally lifted out of my negative thoughts about myself and what is possible.

In short, you make the impossible possible and leave me fully empowered to continue my commitments to my life that I am about to give up on. 

~ Shobana Patel (Managing Director of Open Minds High Availability Solutions Ltd) ~

Link to Shobana on Linkedin

"I want to say a huge thank you for all your energy, encouragement and passion the last 12 weeks. It has been an amazing experience! I feel so much clearer and confident in myself and my goals and abilities. Working with you has for sure spring-boarded me into a new way of being which is very exciting!! And it has been wonderful getting to know you personally as a great person. I am very impressed by who you are.”

~ Amrita (Director at Africa Mystic Yoga Retreats) ~

Contact Amrita on Facebook

"Before I began coaching with Dan, I was struggling with a set of long held beliefs which were holding me back from getting on with relaunching my life and career after a two-year illness. Thanks to Dan's insightful yet simple technique for transformation, I saw how the limiting beliefs were created, how to respond differently, and not according to habit. Now, I'm able to notice immediately when I'm triggered, and choose a more valuable way to BE, in response to my circumstances. This has brought clarity and breakthroughs in my relationship, and freed me to get on with creating a powerful life of choice in my career, rather than blindly staggering from reaction to reaction. 

Applying the transformation I’ve learned with Dan, I now feel completely empowered. That alone represents a huge shift."

~ Anthony Goodman (Executive Mediator) ~ 

Link to Anthony on Linkedin


"Daniel's belief and commitment to personal transformational consultancy is unparalleled in my long business experience. His unstoppable enthusiasm is a powerful force, coaching me through understanding, enabling me to realize how I see myself and how to become what I want to be. Applying the principles together with his progressive coaching is leading to my new outlook and the new me.
The impact is transforming my social and business success, bringing confidence, achievement and great rewards of contentment."

~ James (Managing Director of Pharos Data Ltd) ~

Contact Alan at PharosData.com


"Before, I was overworked, stressed and not being paid what I was worth.

With coaching from Dan, I learned how to say no to what I didn’t want which gave me the freedom to say yes to what I did want. I stopped playing the role of victim and took on a new positive and assertive view.
I used this to speak to one of my bosses who then created new opportunities for me.

Because of this, my career is progressing rapidly. I have set myself concrete achievable goals and am making great progress. I feel like I am climbing a ladder rather than treading water. I am now earning a lot more money too and my work stress is 90% gone."

~ Jose (Sales Agent at Inkfish) ~

Contact Jose on Facebook

"Before my one-to-one session with Dan, I was clear about what I wanted to achieve, but it just didn’t seem to be happening. Dan was able to identify that I wasn’t fully committed to my goals. Through his questioning, I was able to uncover a subconscious script that I had been running my whole life. The revelation was that it was completely made up and untrue. I now feel free and empowered – I’m able to get on with things without this big roadblock in the way."

~ Pearl (Artist & Illustrator) ~

Contact Pearl at PearlBates.com

"Dan is an excellent coach who helped me during an incredibly challenging time in my life. He helped me to transform my sense of myself and realign with my true goals. When we met, I was overcomed with anxiety and stress, I was about to lose my home and had just come out of a toxic relationship.

I was left feeling totally overwhelmed and disempowered. Dan was incredibly non-judgemental, approachable and supportive. His initial coaching session enabled me to reconnect with my true purpose in life and trace my 'ways of being' back to past experiences. I can now see the possibilities that have opened up for myself and my life. I am more focused, have peace of mind and am choosing to be forgiving of myself. I would recommend Dan to anyone and everyone who wants to have a life that they love."

~ Charlene (Director at Hoola Hop) ~

Contact Charlene at HoolaHop.com

“Dear Dan, just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help! You’ve made such a big difference, and I’m so much happier! I’ve done my first assembly since seeing you, and it went so well! Thank you so much!

~ Jo Smith (Chestnut Tree House Charity) ~

Contact Jo on Facebook

“I now feel like I’m in an empowered place with dating and feel that I’m going to attract someone who is really good for me. With the new routine, I also feel really healthy. I’m also empowered with money and am now on the way to becoming debt free and begin saving money. The biggest thing is an overall sense of calm. I’ve really enjoying receiving coaching from you and am left feeling very excited about my future.”

~ Jaimie (Sister for The Martlets) ~

Contact Jamie on Facebook


"I recently met with Dan for a coaching session after Dan was recommended to me. Before this, I had been going round in circles and becoming frustrated by a lack of direction with my career and motivation.

Dan’s coaching style felt incredibly 'natural', a bit like talking to a trusted close friend who was genuinely interested in 'why' and not just 'what’. Dan’s coaching also gave me the freedom to dream and not feel restricted by events and behaviours from the past.

Since meeting with Dan, I now have clear visibility of my options and clarity on what I want to achieve. I now have my drive and enthusiasm back, enabling me to become self-motivated and pursue my dream career and lifestyle.

Within a few weeks after this session with Dan, I'm doing what I’ve always truly wanted - car detailing - and I already have some clients. I’m standing in front of a whole new future of doing what I love. I would recommend Dan to anyone like myself who feels they are on the brink of success but seeking just the right guidance.” 

~ Dave Parkes (Car Detailing) ~

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Hear what event participants have to say about Dan after hearing him speak at Super Power Live in Bangalore (July 2019).

At this event Dan spoke along side Eric Ho and the famous Grand Master Akshar.

“Hi, my name is Harry Sardinas and I am the founder of speakers are leaders, millionaire speakers network, top international coach and founder of entrepreneurs are leaders.

And I really want to recommend Dan to speak at your event.

He’s a great speaker, his presentations are amazing, very engaging, the audience love every single word that he says, there is a lot of knowledge, a lot of content and he’s one of the best transformational coach in the planet today.

And he’s also excellent at closing sales from the stage. The closing rates of Dan are between 10% to 30% and he has achieved this result when he has spoken at our events in Singapore and London.

So I really recommend Dan to speak at your event.”

~ Harry Sardinas (Founder of Speakers are Leaders, Entrepreneurs are Speakers, Millionaire Speakers Network & ) ~

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"Dan, it was a great pleasure meeting you. It's not easy to keep an audience on the edge of their seats from 9 am to 7 pm for two days in a row. I'm looking forward to following what you do.” 

~ Shukeel A Chohan (Speaker and speaker trainer) ~

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“Have to say this though, Dan, you are a serious transformation man, a high impact coach. I saw your clients on stage move in front of you. Proof!!!”

~ Billal Jamil (International Speaker and Speaker Trainer) ~

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“Thank you, Dan, for doing an outstanding Job as an MC Host and adding so much value to the event as a transformational coach & collaborator. Next event will be happening on 16 & 17 June 2018. I hope that you are available to be the host for us again.”

 ~ Dario Cucci (Entrepreneur & Sales Trainer) ~

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“Huge thanks for speaking at Brighton Property Investors last night. I had some great feedback about your presentation, both content and style, and it's rare to see someone hold the audience without the aid of slides and pictures. I thought you achieved this effortlessly.”

~ Peter Fannon (Property Investor & Coordinator for Brighton Property Investors) ~

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“The feedback we received following the networking hub presented by Dan Warburton was amazing. Every person we spoke to after the event used the same word, inspiring!”

~ Amanda Jones (Basepoint Centres Ltd) ~

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"I can certainly recommend Dan as a guest speaker. He's presented at many 4Networking meetings in Sussex."

~ Chris Lodge (Solicitor & Director of Grey Hooper Holt) ~

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