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Are you a law firm partner or owner who would also like to greatly increase your take-home profit in less than 12 months while freeing up your time with proven profitable delegation strategies?


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Are you a law firm partner or owner who would also like to greatly increase your firm's profit in less than 12 months while freeing up your time with proven profitable delegation strategies? 


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Case Study

Carlos Cruz-Abrams (Law Firm Senior Managing Partner)

Senior partner at Cruz-Abrams Seigel LLC in 6 months went from exhaustion, from working over 100 to less than 50 hours per week, growing his team from 8 to 14 members, creating time for himself with his family and regular skiing while gaining several hundreds of thousands of dollars extra profit (an 89.15% increase) compared to the same 6 months of the year before.

Click below to watch an interview and learn how Carlos implemented proven systems, leadership and profitable delegation strategies to achieve whole new levels of financial success while halving the number of hours he needs to work.

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Case Study

Kim Nicol (London Based Law Firm Owner at Workplace Legal Solutions Ltd)

Within 12 months went from being an unhealthy, overwhelmed London business lawyer to increasing her revenue by £192,041 (a 310% monthly average increase), delegated most of her roles away to new employees while dramatically increasing her profit, now works only 35 hours per week, has become fit and healthy and has a law firm she loves working on.




Before: Kim was stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted from working over 60 hours per week. As a lawyer who specialises in business and employment law she had to constantly handle demanding legal work for her clients that she found depressing to carry out.

Kim also didn't have time to create meaningful relationships or for exercise and self-care so felt unhealthy and sluggish.

Kim also didn't sleep well because the pressure she felt to take care of her clients cases was so great that she'd often wake up in the middle of the night worrying about them.

After: Kim now works 35 hours or less per week (that's 41% less than before) and has delegated away nearly all of her admin work and over half of the demanding client legal work.

This created time for Kim to focus on sales and as a result increased her monthly average revenue by 310% (see the graph above for Kim's sales history).

Kim also raised her billable fee to £150 per hour which means that Kim can now invoice for £450 p/h when she also chooses to deliver one hour of client work and her team of two carries out an hour each of billable service at the same time. 

This resulted in Kim adding an extra £192,041 revenue (based on past performance) to her law firm and dramatically increasing her take-home profits.

Kim also greatly freed up her time free and now is able to take care of her health (drink less), sleep more, and create fulfilling relationships.

Kim now has a routine she loves as it keeps her fit, healthy, peaceful and feeling inspired about leading her law firm.

Timeframe: 12 months

Quote from Kim: “When I first met Dan I was in a place where I wasn’t enjoying my work, I was exhausted from feeling that I couldn’t seem to progress and was facing a future that really didn’t inspire me at all.

Having completed coaching with Dan it has been very successful. It’s not always been easy, it’s been challenging and yet while also very rewarding, it’s been brilliant.

It’s changed how I look at things, I now look at things in a positive way. Instead of seeing only the negatives, I’m now able to see the opportunity and all the good that can come of what I do.

I have now also created a way of earning money by doing what I really love doing and am left feeling very inspired about my future. I’m now on my 5th program in a row with Dan because I keep getting such great results.”

The results claimed on this site to have been gained by clients working with Dan have been checked and verified by the independent Credible Coach vetting service.

More Video Case Studies

Watch one of these videos to gain industry secrets on how to achieve time freedom and financial success directly from past clients who've worked with Dan

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Here’s how in just 6 weeks, Brynne Tillman who leads a team of 7, goes from overwhelm, reclaims 60% of her time, gains clarity and successfully launches a new training product that now has over 130 participants.

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Here’s how in 12 months Kim Nicol, a self-employed business lawyer went from having to do work she found depressing, reduced her work hours from over 60 hours to only 35 per week, increased revenue by 310%, delegated away most of her workload, became fit and healthy and now has a business she loves.

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Here's how in 9 months Lana Sheppard, went from extreme overwhelm, delegated away 90% of her workload, sells her business for over £440,000, became healthy, gets to spend time in exotic destinations around the world and now owns a profitable business she loves working on.

"If you learn how to delegate all your admin and fee earning work in a way that's reliably profitable, you'll be astounded by the level of financial success and quality of lifestyle that becomes available to you"

"I've earned nearly 50 thousand dollars in less than a month"

"I was working too many hours and not having enough time nor the capacity to create the life that I wanted. A life where I work less and earn more.

You simply can’t put a price on the insight I have gained! Dan quickly made me realise my self-worth and stopped me from undervaluing myself.

As a result of Dan’s coaching I’ve earned nearly 50,000 dollars in less than a month.

In the short time that I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Dan, I gained the confidence to live the life that I have always dreamed of.

I’ll be forever grateful."


~ Dan Kayser (Honolulu) ~

"I gained positive results"

“I completed a one-to-one coaching programme with Dan and the greatest result I got was setting goals with the belief that I could actually attain them, instead of just ‘hoping’.

Because of this I gained positive results such as the chance to work with some of the world's most valuable intellectual property, top on screen talent as well as members of the Royal Family.

Dan as a coach is an expert in drawing out what you need to change and understand about your life and career - he doesn’t tell you what to do, he guides you to create goals that feel 100% your own and structures to tangibly realise them.

Dan is great at leaving you feeling empowered and taking action that achieves truly amazing things."

~ Stef Jarman (Brighton, UK) ~


"selling my business for the sum of money I always wanted"

"Before receiving coaching from Dan I was just getting things 'done' but not really accomplishing anything. I felt like I was the hamster on a wheel just endlessly spinning and running.

Apart from improving virtually every area of my life the biggest result I got from Dan’s coaching was selling my business for the sum of money I always wanted, which I had tried to achieve for several years before.

Dan helped me realise the difference between change versus transformation which thereby enabled me to take new actions and gain such great results.

Dan’s coaching helped me realign my vision, set new goals and to achieve them, for real."


~ Lana Sheppard (Saskatoon, Canada)  ~

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